Competitive streak in X & PTM

X’s PTM largely went well, in the sense that there was nothing that we had to work on, perk of having a Jan kid. He was able to do everything.

Hence, during the PTM, all we did was to find out what he was like in school, why he came home telling us about why he was no longer best friends with this and that. 

It turned out that he would always fight to be the first in line for everything with his friends. Sometimes, they would be unhappy with each and do not share any toys. When that happened, X would declare they were no longer friends.

This competitiveness streak of his turned even funnier when he applied on his brother. 

When we asked the teachers how we should deal with this, she said it was not necessarily a bad thing! 

The only bad thing for us was that he wanted to win all the time at home and that included making miscellaneous demands on us and unrealistic requests. For instance, he insisted on barbecuing beef for us. Really, at 3 years’ old? That was just one of the random curveball he would throw at us. 

Well, baby… wish you would be more accommodating towards your own parents!


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