Turning 7

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Z.

It used to seem surreal on embracing motherhood. After so many years, it was no longer surreal but it remained joyful and happy. 

I enjoyed spending time with this young gentleman.

When we dined, we held conversations. We discussed about our friends, our days at work/school and games. We talked about what bothered him, we talked about what we liked and the beauty of everyday we lived in. I never noticed it but someone commented that it was amusing to hear us chat like friends instead of mother and son. 

When we shopped, we talked about good bargains, designs and colours. Z always helped me to carry my shopping. At his age and with his built, he could carry a lot! He also learned from Mr H to compliment my shopping loot. 

I had influenced Z with my choice of books and we talked about the stories, characters and plots. 

We had more to convene over Pokemon Go because I played an enabler role in catching new and rare pokemons. I taught him how to check IV and creating math problem sums out of counting pokemon candies. 

We personally coached and cheered the boy in every area, and were very proud every achievement, big or small, to date. Whether it was to score a new friendship, goal or Certificate of Academic achievement, we were happy with how he had fared so much. 

Turning 7 marked the start of a new phase and of more fun to come. 

Happy birthday, Z!

We love you and may you always be blessed with loves from all around.


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