An Arcade Party

We celebrated Z’s birthday ahead of his actual day because of our holiday plans. After evaluating so many options, it came down to Timezone Arcade at Vivo City. 

Z had wanted a poolside party but given the number of guests he wanted and the concern over wet weather, I decided to move it indoors.

I considered Laser Quest but X was too young to play.

I considered Clip N Climb as well as Climb Central but once again, X was too young to play. 

I thought of Bounce but was late to book. Due to X’s tender age, he could only jump during junior jumper hours which were very limited.

I thought of Amped but it’d been done to death recently and the party room was not nice.

I considered Forest Adventure but it threw us back into the potential rain issue. 

I shortlisted an art studio to customize a Pokémon art class. I thought it would be a good life skill and fun for the kids to draw Pokemons. Z commented that it was special and left it as that.

Eventually, I showed him the option of arcade and the rest was history. Never mind the annoying and deafening noise for the adults, never mind the lack of party room or the limitation of food to bring, we went with his wishes.

Z studied the arcade games and planned which to play. He was literally counting down to his party. He had so much fun with bumper cars, races, mini bowling and shooting games! 

He was incredibly happy to have his fellow P1 friends in the arcade with him.

The best part for us?

X had an incredible time as well. I had thought his timezone card would be underutilized but we thought wrong. He was so OCD that he played some games repetitively 10 times in a row. Needless to say, this boy played more than 50 games at the arcade!

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