Routinal updates 

Sadly, life had gotten so busy that it got insanely difficult to update the blog with better quality writing, contents and information.

On the work front, it had been crazy. Granted, I seldom mentioned work on social media platforms. I always found it amusing that some friends thought I was a stay home mom. Nonetheless, the increased workload bundled with an incessant need to live life to the fullest left little time for the blog.

Then there was Pokemon Go which severely compromised blogging time.

Then the kids and us had so many social engagements, it was really impossible to update!

The fact I could still scrap by meant I was still OCD enough to update the blog.

Recently, I did a survey and came across this question, “I wished I live my life in an another way. True or False?”

The momentary reflection only led me to think how I would not have lived my life any other way too. 

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