Dunked in the pool 

One evening, Z was pushed into the pool during a party. I had not witnessed the push but was surprised when he was bawling his heart out.

He should not have been frightened by the incident because he was a good swimmer. It was also our home pool, so getting changed was not an issue too.

It turned out he was holding his prized Christmas gift from an earlier exchange. He also hit his head. Worse, it was little X who pushed him in and all his friends were looking on and laughing at him.

The tender hearted boy simply cried because he felt so hurt. On one hand, I empathized with his situation. On the other hand, I thought he had to learn from the experience.

My initial thoughts were to get him a new set of the same cards. However, I recalled Z had always taken his prized possessions for granted. That included shoving an iPad away and almost having it fall to the floor a few days’ ago. He did not know how to take care of his belongings.

In all honesty, I told him he allowed the situation to happen. Why was he prancing around the pool with a pack of cards? I had asked him to keep in the bag but he insisted on taking it out to show off to his friends. He was very lucky that he was not holding on to our phones or iPad when he was pushed into the pool.

I could never understand why boys could never stay clear-headed in the midst of fun. 

I hoped this episode would stay with him in time to come. It was just a box of cards today, it could have been something else!

As much as the wet cards annoy the OCD side of me and wanting to dump them in the dustbin, it was a gift and it was important to teach Z the value of appreciation.

Hence, the boy stayed up to blow dry his cards.


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