Pokemon chase – Lapras edition 

I mentioned this would go down in our family history. Hence, I should record this for posterity’s sake.

It was also a story of just gritting your teeth and going head on. 😂

Throughout the game, we had gone out of way, usually in a comfortable manner, to catch special pokemons. I was about 5 pokemons away to completing the local Pokedex. The day before, we had specially hunted down Chansey, Snorlax and a few more pokemons.

Z was enthused by this special chase.

Hence, when Lapras appeared on the pokemap near where we were headed for, we promptly decided to drive over and I knew I would have a good 10min to saunter to the location.

Little did I know that the venue was closed for upgrading.

We, 3 boys and I, followed the crowd, ran a full lap (or more)  and came to a stop when faced with a barrier. I wanted to give up because it was so ridiculous to do it for a game.

But part of me didn’t feel like giving up.

I also wanted to be that cool mom to my kids.

I wanted to delight the kids with catching of the special Pokémon.

Plus, it just sounded fun, lame and alternative to do so.

Thus, I simply went ahead, went crazy but I got to share a colourful tale with the kids. Ultimately, I taught Z that we would face all adversities full front and we would complete what we set out to do.


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