Clip ‘n Climb

On a weekday, about 2 weeks after the opening, we drove to Tampines to check out the latest climbing playground.

It was very quiet at 3pm and the whole building looked very much under construction. 

I was surprised that the place was a lot smaller that it had looked on their marketing videos. It cost $20 for Z to enter.

If we did not pay not entry, we could not enter. Since we were not going to climb, we stayed outside and could only take picture as and when the kids came into view. 

It also meant it was a good drop off playground. There were a number of instructors inside the arena so we did not have to worry about the kids. 

I was also surprised that the kids could wear normal covered shoes to climb. 

Anyway, it was good to check out at least once but given that it was so far from my place, we should not be going back any time soon. 

On hindsight, it was a good thing that we did not host Z’s birthday party there because it was really quite small!


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