Public Speaking Trial Class

See, I already said it was the season for trial class.

We packed Z off to a public speaking school for a 1.5hours’ trial.

Whilst he was at class, we went to a nearby Mcd to eat and wait for him. We returned to the school to listen to the school’s curriculum and pricing package. Maybe it was the delivery by the person in charge, or the materials given, it came across more of a salesy pitch, rather than a convincing pitch on why the school was good.

1. The materials also looked rather basic to me. 

2. They used before and after videos of the kids to illustrate how effective their courses were.

3. The marketing collaterals looked too ROI driven. In my opinion, education was not about that.

4. They used their own set of certification instead of an internationally recognized certification. 

Long story short, I did not feel comfortable. 

Z was happy with the class though. Apparently, of the 6 kids in class, he fared the best and earned the most number of stamps. The teacher was very honest in her review of Z as a student. I did not think the school was suitable in helping Z to advance at this point and did not sign him up. 


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