Bye to 2016, Hi 2017

I still honestly felt that 2016 was a pretty new year to me. It had been pretty surreal signing off dates in 2016, more so when 2017 hit.

Generally speaking, 2016 had been a fun year. I gained new friendships, strengthened some and repaired one. I also learned the hard knocks of being overly trusting and to let go of what’s to be let go. Perhaps a cryptic statement but letting go made life a lot easier in terms of expectations.

Family wise, the general health of some people around me had not been ideal. It would be lovely if they could recover. I still thanked my lucky stars that my immediate family members had been alright. I wished they would stay safe and healthy. 

2016 had been a wild ride, a hectic ride and most importantly, a fun ride. It’d been so busy that I hardly have time to blog properly, even for this reflection piece.

In 2017, I might slow down, or try to slow down. I might blog less because playtime is on the up. 

Till then, happy new year and may all of our 2017 be better than the previous years.


Bro, I adore you 

It’s a love-love-annoy-hate relationship for Z & X. On most days, they were sweet to each other like this. When they were sweet, I would get the warm, fuzzy feeling and in awe of their sibling love.

On other days, Z provoked X, X get upset and whine, or X hit Z and Z cry. The permutations were limitless. 

As X grew older, he was more demanding and fixated on how things were run. He was obstinate and really annoyingly persistent. That did not work well with Z. Z teased X and baited him over really lame stuffs.

At the end of the day, when they played well together or displayed affection for each other, it never failed to melt my heart and wished they stayed that way forever.

Last play date of the year 

On the day that we were supposed to fly off for holidays, we had an epic day of play date which started as early as 10am, even though half of the kids had been seeing each other for the 4th consecutive day.

We caught “Sing” in the morning, had lunch at TCC and window shopped for toys in many stores.

Playing Lego computer game 

I was hoping to tire the kids out so that they had a good rest in the plane.

The boys took it a step further and even went swimming with their neighbor. 

This was followed by more computer games on NES. Such lengths we went to.

Competitive streak in X & PTM

X’s PTM largely went well, in the sense that there was nothing that we had to work on, perk of having a Jan kid. He was able to do everything.

Hence, during the PTM, all we did was to find out what he was like in school, why he came home telling us about why he was no longer best friends with this and that. 

It turned out that he would always fight to be the first in line for everything with his friends. Sometimes, they would be unhappy with each and do not share any toys. When that happened, X would declare they were no longer friends.

This competitiveness streak of his turned even funnier when he applied on his brother. 

When we asked the teachers how we should deal with this, she said it was not necessarily a bad thing! 

The only bad thing for us was that he wanted to win all the time at home and that included making miscellaneous demands on us and unrealistic requests. For instance, he insisted on barbecuing beef for us. Really, at 3 years’ old? That was just one of the random curveball he would throw at us. 

Well, baby… wish you would be more accommodating towards your own parents!

Waka Waka 

Polliwogs and us had come a long way. I recalled Z was barely 2 when they opened the Robertson Quay branch. It became such a great play space for Z that we signed for so many membership passes during that year. It was 2012. When I became pregnant with X, I used to take leave and bring Z to Polliwogs alone. He was such an independent kid that he was making new friends and finding new playmates on his end.

Through X’s infant months, we hanged out a lot at Polliwogs Robertson Quay and Polliwogs Suntec. One day, Z hit 5+ and decided he was sick of indoor playground. It didn’t help that X contracted HFMD twice, leading us to be overly cautious and avoiding indoor playgrounds. With that, we spent so much time conquering the outdoors.

Recently, Waka Waka by Polliwogs opened. It was geared towards an older age group. I always felt X’s experience was always shaped by his brother’s current schedule and I did not want him to miss out on indoor playgrounds.

Thankfully, Waka Waka looked like it was fun for both kids. Back to Polliwogs days we go!

Rogue One with X

We caught Star Wars prior to flying off for end of year holidays. I had wanted to watch right before heading to the airport but the timing was too rushed. Thankfully, the movie started on a Wednesday evening.

We caught the show with a few of Z’s kakis. Initially, X was bored with the slow start. When the fighting started, he got really excited and would exclaim, “Oh no!” When the robot was attacked in the scene, X said, “Nevermind, they can repair him.”

When a human character died in the show, I asked if the person could be repaired. He replied, “Cannot repair. The person died but it’s okay. It’s not real.”

It was certainly amusing having him sit on my lap and sprouting his thoughts on the movie.

Turning 7

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Z.

It used to seem surreal on embracing motherhood. After so many years, it was no longer surreal but it remained joyful and happy. 

I enjoyed spending time with this young gentleman.

When we dined, we held conversations. We discussed about our friends, our days at work/school and games. We talked about what bothered him, we talked about what we liked and the beauty of everyday we lived in. I never noticed it but someone commented that it was amusing to hear us chat like friends instead of mother and son. 

When we shopped, we talked about good bargains, designs and colours. Z always helped me to carry my shopping. At his age and with his built, he could carry a lot! He also learned from Mr H to compliment my shopping loot. 

I had influenced Z with my choice of books and we talked about the stories, characters and plots. 

We had more to convene over Pokemon Go because I played an enabler role in catching new and rare pokemons. I taught him how to check IV and creating math problem sums out of counting pokemon candies. 

We personally coached and cheered the boy in every area, and were very proud every achievement, big or small, to date. Whether it was to score a new friendship, goal or Certificate of Academic achievement, we were happy with how he had fared so much. 

Turning 7 marked the start of a new phase and of more fun to come. 

Happy birthday, Z!

We love you and may you always be blessed with loves from all around.