Astounding finish to P1

P1 ended on a high note, a wonderful finish with an inaugural school performance. Z was in the school dance and they danced to a hip Korean number. I thought my son and his friends looked very cool indeed. They had a pretty cool and trendy dance instructor.

We had to pay $20 per ticket for the concert which featured the school performance CCAs and guest talents.

Leading up to the dance performance, Z had many days of intensive dance rehearsals. Since the last day of mini tests, they had dance practices every school day. They had definitely put in a lot of effort.

Looking back, P1 had been a fun and learning journey. I hoped every school year would be fun and memorable. 

I liked what the school had done for the boys. I hoped it would be like this or better in the years to come.

One down, five more years to go.


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