Day trip to Legoland

Z’s school was closed for a few days due to PTM. Hence, we took the chance to bring the kids to Legoland Malaysia. It had been more than 2 years since we brought our kids there. Unfortunately, the weather was dark and threatening.

It eventually rained and it was so heavy that we decided to tuck into a hearty meal of fried chicken before proceeding in. The rain kept many people away. Hence, we never had to queue for any attractions. The kids got to enjoy some of their favorite rides several times. 

All dressed in raincoats 

The Ninjago ride was the latest attraction

The boys went on the Ninjago ride repeatedly because they kept vying for the top score. Z had the best score amongst our group of 15 pax but I eventually beat his score by 60,000. He got pretty miffed.

This was the first time when the fireman rescue race was actually fun. The daddies and boys made up 3 teams to compete. 

Z also took the Dragon’s Breath & Technic roller coaster for the first time. He was apprehensive but game to try. I was so proud of this little guy. 

We did not manage to finish all the rides as the park closed at 6pm and we had spent a lot of time at Build Test center. Furthermore, the boys went at least twice on most rides and 4-5 times on some rides. I reckoned they went on at least 20 rides for the entire day which made the trip really worthwhile.

We proceeded to spend another 45min shopping in the store. 

By the time we left the park, it was 7pm.

We treated ourselves to an awesome Korean BBQ dinner near Aeon Mall. It was 10pm when we finally headed off and 11pm when we got home.

X was so tired that we left him sleeping on the bumper mat because he was simply too tired to bathe. 

What a day! 

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