Our first toy buffet 

It was the first time my company had taken part in Toy Buffet carnival. As Z’s school was closed for the day, I brought him along to help. It was a good decision because he helped us to distribute the gift tags and promote toys to the guests.

Before the actual day, we had contributed by asking for toys to donate to this event. Prior to coming for the event, I also prepped Z that he was not supposed to get upset or ask for the toys at the event as those toys were specifically for the beneficiaries.

He was quite cool with that and was eager for the event to commence.

It was a very heartwarming event and was really nice when the kids found the toys that they were looking for. What touched me the most was that these kids could only bring 2 presents back each, and some of them were selflessly looking for toys for their siblings. 

Z was really happy to help at the event. 

After our shift was over, we headed to a movie play date with his K2 best friend, followed by a visit to his new house.

We had a mini celebration with his favorite pal before calling it a day.

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