Kicking around 

The most wonderful thing about the boys’ soccer academy was the efforts that the committee members spent to nurture the boys through play. Apart from arranging for friendly matches, they organized quarterly, internal tournaments for all the boys to have a chance at playing games.

During the first few tournaments, Z was too stunned and shell shocked to play in matches. Over time, he learned how the game worked and would be sad when he didn’t win.

This was Z’s 3rd (or 4th) and X’s 2nd internal tournament. 

The teams that they were in managed to do well enough to win. 

Forlorn boy – he was upset despite his team’s win because he was not selected to do penalty kicks. Did I mention he was the youngest amongst all the teams?

Z was jubilant with his first trophy 

He truly treasured this because he knew that it was not just about the team he was in, but about how much efforts he had to put in too. 

What a sweet end to the year and kudos to the academy for always encouraging the kids!


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