Problem solving 

In the past few months, Z learned to solve issues instead of giving in or succumbing to pressure.

When the kids ganged up on someone, he would stand up for the weaker party and try to diffuse the situation.

Whenever someone felt down, he was there to comfort and encourage.

When his friends made fun of him, he either laughed along or ignored them, depending on his readiness to respond. 

When his friends hit him (either for fun or to bully him), he was prepared to dodge. He was always proud to fill me with colourful stories of how he could dodge successfully. 

When his friends went overboard, he showed that he could be assertive if needed be.

However, we always encouraged him to resolve everything amicably.

Recently, I was impressed with how he negotiated with a friend. They were playing a game and Z was leading. The friend was upset and asked Z to let him win once. Z said he would let the friend win once, provided the friend help him to win first (for a second time). The friend sulked that it was not fair because he wanted an equalizer. Z explained that it was fair because they should help each other mutually. He managed to diffuse the situation and still maintained his lead in the game. 

As I went down the list, I thought that it was not easy being P1 these days! Not because of the schoolwork, but the social issues to face and handle. 

Above all things, I hoped Z maintained these traits and grew to be a stronger boy. 

In fact, he was such a cute gentleman. When his female friends went toilet, he would even wait for them outside the toilet. That was so sweet!


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