The spoilt second born

We were ever ready to teach the first born values, principles and rationale. We instilled high standards and were particularly stingy with the use of electronic devices.

Not that we disallowed, but we spent a lot of time withholding and explaining our reasons. He was able to behave without the use of such tools, till he turned P1 and I recognized the need to be savvy with these tools. There were so many useful apps that he could run. 

As for the second born, Mr H was lax and gave in to whiny battles. X might have looked as though he won but I thought the real loser was X. I saw him squint and my heart was broken. 

When Z said Mr H was unfair, I merely turned around and said, “Yes, Daddy is unfair. He loves you more than he loves X because he doesn’t help to protect his eyes.”

This was not the only instance which the daddy bent to make his life easier, instead of maintaining a high standard like with the first born.

That I agreed, was really unfair. 


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