I will buy for you 

One day, the kids’ great grandmother gave them $10 each. It was for them to buy treats for themselves. X took the supermarket shopping expedition seriously and looked at many items.

Eventually, he decided that he wanted to buy Coca Cola, Pokka Fuji Apple Sparkling juice, sparkling ribena soda and grape-flavored Hi-Chew sweets. 

On the other hand, Z thought very seriously and decided to use the money to buy Hot Wheels cars which he so loved. He decided not to spend a single cent at the supermarket. 

However, X insisted that Z take a strip of Hi-Chew sweets too. Z refused.

I told X that he should not force his elder brother to buy unless he was going to buy for him. X went ahead to take an additional strip of sweets for Z.

As Z was going to put the sweet into the basket, he asked if X was really going to buy for him.

X said, “No, you pay for it yourself.”

Z said he didn’t want the sweets anymore and returned the sweets to the shelf. 

X chased after him and shouted, “Okay!! I pay for you!!”

How did my 3+++ year old get so cute?!

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