Z’s preschool alumni gathering 

Exactly 1 year ago, this was penned

He had managed to keep in touch with some of his friends because they would bump into each other at the preschool when they picked their younger siblings up. Sometimes, they got to reminisce and play in the school playground.

As for his best friend, we tried to meet up a bit more. In the beginning of the year, the two boys would leave each other wistful and sad whatsapp voicemails, and even talked on the phone.

Recently, we managed to clock 5 out of 12 kids to meet for ice skating. They had not seen each other for some time and some were pretty nervous about it. I guessed it didn’t help that we picked ice skating, an indoor activity in view of the recent wet weather. 

Within minutes, the kids warmed up and played happily together.

It was precious and heartwarming to see them missing each other so much. After all, these were kids who literally grew up with each other, from tiny tots to boys and girls today. 

Huddling for a discussion 


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