Blink and it’s gone

It wasn’t too long ago when we prepared for Z’s P1 orientation. I recalled how Z was filled with excitement and yet trepidation of a new school. It’d been a year on.

I never thought Z changed much except that he was wiser in some matters and remained cheeky at most times. Every single minute seemed to be filled with work, play, play and play. 

We had a good balance of work and play, favoring play to work. We were stern when it came to times to work. I managed to drill a good level on concentration and Z actually completed 14-18 assessment books as well as more than 20 sets of past year papers.

We managed to stay off tuition this year, namely because both Mr H and I took turns to coach him and I had thought P1 work was really easy. It did not warrant additional assistance at this point. 

Academics aside, Z made good and fast friends with most kids. His kind nature made him a well-liked boy. I always felt that being kind natured would mean he would be more easily bullied. It was a fine line to tread in bringing out the assertiveness in him and reminded him of how great it was to be kind and empathetic to others. We had imposed expectations of how mature he should be but forgot that he was still a child at times.

I made a conscious effort to hug and cuddle him more because one day, it wouldn’t be too long before he wouldn’t allow me to do so. 

I was glad to be in the position where I could balance work and time with family, especially my busy P1-ner.

Even for school holidays, I could foresee a lot of fun and time required ahead. 


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