The long, end Oct weekend 

Time with the kids was always precious so that explained how we tried to max out the free time we had. It was a rare Saturday that the boys did not have any soccer classes.

We made a lucky decision of heading to Bishan Park to cycle because we heard it was pouring at ECP.

The kids cycled for a good hour before we had lunch at Thomson Plaza.

Next up was my niece’s birthday party.

By evening, the kids continued their play date at our neighbour’s place.

The next day, we had breakfast date on home ground, followed by swimming, then skating class…

And a Halloween party 

By the time Monday hit, it was USS for the entire day. 

We rounded the day up with movie. The kids were so tired that X could not stop asking when the movie would end.

This was the start of a 2 month holiday. It sure looked like every day was a fun day after the mini tests ended.

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