New camera 

I almost never wrote about material buys on this blog. I would post random buys on instagram but that was about it.

A camera was a tad closer to heart because of the memories it could capture. I was a major fan girl of the Sony RX100 series. It took more than decent photos, delivered the type of realistic colours that I liked and it was so compact that it fitted into the smallest of all handbags. 

For a long time, I wanted to upgrade to a newer version of RX100 because of the lax of wifi. 

This was the meat of the entry.

I had to admit that I was thrilled beyond words. This also meant that I did not have to struggle between choosing or toggling to use the camera or the iPhone to take photos. It was a laggard’s issue – to snap with the iPhone for instant uploading or snap with the camera for photobook making, which in all likelihood would not be posted online. 

Or times when it was so cold (think Hokkaido) and I had to toggle with 2 devices.

I was so glad this was an issue of yesterday. Hooray to a new camera, and to awesome preorder gifts too.

A 64GB SD card as well as a travel charger with spare battery, super generous on all counts! Glad that our feedback during focus group had been useful. 

I wouldn’t be able to do a through review but the speed of focus was fast enough to be delightful.


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