Lizard in the room

One night, X was supposed to go toilet before changing into diaper to sleep for the night. Yup, he was still not potty trained for the night.

I was in the other corner of the house.

Suddenly, he burst out crying as though Mr H was disciplining him, except Mr H was near me.

It turned out he was screaming, “Lizard in my toilet!”

Poor kid cried so badly that I thought he was going to be scarred for life emotionally! I carried him and could feel his body trembling.

In between sobs, he said that the lizard almost touched him. Mr H took care of the problem. He was a lot more appeased by that. I had been concerned if he was going to be afraid of his toilet or room. 

If X grew up to have a phobia of lizards, this must be that defining episode. 


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