X at 3 years, 9 months and 9 days old 

For everything that X did well in, he had some that he did not do so well in.

He was good in the water for his age. He had his style of swimming backstroke and freestyle. He was excited at the prospect of going for swimming lessons but I actually felt worried if he would throw a prima donna tantrum over who his final instructor would be. 

He had great running stamina but often refused to comply with his coach. Of course, I had to admire his spirit of determination in the face of losing out to the bigger boys, simply because of being smaller and slower.

He had awesome balancing skill and took to rollerblading like a natural. However, he was particular about who taught him, the type of drills he had to do and who he was learning with. There was a rainy Sunday which we skipped the class and he was so mad with us. This boy was stubborn as a mule.

At this age, he still had bad habits of staying up late. He would cough up a zillion excuses to stay up late, such as supper. He had learned to ask for bedtime story reading. He was pretty OCD and that worked for us because he would insist on being read to. That was a good and persistent reminder for lazy parents. He was OCD to a fault. He would line his soft toys, spread his blanket and position his sleeping essentials meticulously. 

However, his OCD behavior did not extend to not wetting the bed. In a span of 2 weeks, he had 4 accidents. Of which, 2 required massive refresh of bedsheets.

He was rather unabashed and nonchalant about it when we gave him feedback.

Read – very bad news for us in manpower and utilities. 


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