Power soup

One evening, Mr H complimented on my dish with this statement, “Your soup is power!”

Z listened with interest and asked, “Is this an idiom?”

“No, it’s Singlish.”

After a pause, I looked up and told him, “Please do not use this phrase in your composition. It is not proper English. This is Singlish.”

Z pondered.

Then he asked, “Is wah piang also Singlish?”

“I think it is Hokkien. I am not sure.”

At the back of my mind, I was laughing over his innocent question. Since he learned about idioms, he had been most curious. 

During a disagreement with Mr H earlier, I had used “washed my hands off” this matter. Z interrupted and asked if that was an idiom too. I liked how he was gaining interest in the language.

Perhaps it was time to start him on the Mandarin equivalent- 成语.

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