Breezing through

P1 was a wild ride.

Because it was so crazily fun.

Like I said, I wished I was my child.

Exactly a year ago, we had attended the orientation and I even made grand plans on what to do at each stage.

This was the year Z gained more independence. He had the autonomy to hang out with his friends without us. He had the empowerment to spend and shop wisely. He pushed himself to the limits with the activities he was passionate about. He learned to deal better with thorny, friendship issues.

I was very proud to be there for him and to be present to create fun moments. 

We could not say we were lucky because it was a tactical move. I was glad that we had picked a less academic school. Throughout P1, he had little or no homework. He was able to spend his time playing soccer, swimming and dancing after school. 

Z grew taller, darker and dropped a few teeth, naturally and unnaturally. As a mom, I learned to live with my son having his teeth knocked off and it was part and parcel of being a boy. 

He grew wiser and learned how to handle conflicts and difficult situations, with and without grace. He remained our little gentleman and hero in shining armor. Despite encountering situations where people were less kind, Z took it in his stride and never erode his compassion or generosity.

With a few weeks to closing off the school year, I could only say, “Bring it on, P2!”

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