Intense swimming week

That was us waiting for Z’s 6-8pm swimming class.

We signed Z up for a week of trial class. It was a competitive swimming class and we wanted to see if Z could take to the grueling schedule. 

We opted to send him for daily swim for the week.

Initially, he was pretty upset because it was tiring. By day 2, he told us he was not going to swim like that. Whenever he thought about how good some of his friends were and how he really wanted to do well for the school’s swimming meet, he decided to continue. By day 4, he was addicted and seemed to enjoy the ride.

I guessed I was heartened by how he was keen to improve. 

When he won his mini training race, he was exhilarated.

Meanwhile, X was very inspired. Both boys had watched YouTube videos on how to swim the perfect freestyle, so X even practiced kicking on his own. 

While I did not know what this would lead to, one thing for sure – I was pretty impressed with Z’s broad shoulders at the moment. He looked really suave in shirts. 😂

Both boys also sported a beautiful tan. 


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