The Children’s Day weekend – Part 3

The kids got to play on, amidst lessons and academic work.

The weather was great so we had a poolside lunch and play date. The kids had lots of ice cream, swimming and fun. 

By the end of the 3-day play dates, I was feeling super drained. I was feeling proud of ourselves for planning and holding it up. 

On many counts, I was thankful that we had been able to celebrate Children’s Day with the kids by gifting them our time, especially when this was time away from our work commitments. 

Being cancerians, it was evident that both Mr H and I were very family-oriented and prioritized family above all matters. 

The weekend wrapped up with more swimming and skating for the kids. I was inclined to think that my kids grew up by the pool.

It was also timely that our Star Wars spring float came in too!

X finally had a good instructor for his skating class, so he did very well throughout the class and even completed the full skating tour in the park. 

Lining up for heel stop, scooter turn & swizzle 


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