The Children’s Day Weekend – Part 2

The boys were beat from the day before and had trouble getting up for their street soccer days. X was very keen to join the big brothers on the court but two hours was really too intense for him and he ended up throwing tantrums in the last half an hour. 

Awesome soccer court which worked really well on a rainy morning 

After lunch at the club, the kids continued with bowling. 

X and I split off from there. It was Children’s Day for X, so it would make sense for him to do toddlerish stuffs with his best friend. 

Meanwhile, Z continued his full day play date by going ahead with ice cream and table tennis. 

I thought it was really awesome to have this parent support group where the kids get to play together, fight and bicker, learn and flourish with the best possible babysitting arrangements. 

Lucky boys they were, and may every Children’s Day be more fun than the last!


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