Regaining our floor space 

As the kids grew older, they grew out of their babyish, bulky toys. 

Toys that used to make them giggle.
Toys that used to dazzle them with the bright colours and loud music.

Toys that used to engage them for minutes while we grab a quick bite or shower.

Toys that used to train their motor skills and fine motor skills.

Toys that used to sing ABC non-stop. 

Toys for their make pretend play. How they used to pretend cooking food for me, grilling corn and hot dog, and serving to me on a plate. 

Toys that helped them to learn walking, to help them cruise around in their unsteady states.

I knew I would look back and feel sad that these toys would disappear from our household one day. 

Of course, there was always a practical side of me who felt that these toys should be put to better use and be given to kids who were going to appreciate more. I also wanted to make space for the new toys which the boys would play such as Hot Wheels, Transformers and more. 

Besides, those cute toys such as exersaucer, wooden walkers, play kitchens & ride ons would be immortalized in pictures, weren’t they?

Anyway, Z & X practically play at the pool and under the sun on most days.

It was really time for us to regain our space in the household. 

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