X’s first musical 

It was almost as though we liked to challenge parenting to a new level when we decided to bring little X for a musical. I guessed we wanted to stretch both our limits. 😂 We brought both boys to watch Wicked on its opening night in Singapore. It was Z’s second musical of the year after Les Miserables and X’s first!

Out of fear that the special effects might be too scary for X, we actually bought the second tier tickets to sit at the back. Of course, we were also worried that he would be restless and affect the show. Mr H also thought in case one of us had to bring him out, we would not suffer such a big loss. 

Dinner before the show 

Heading in at 730pm

Excited kids who kept asking why we couldn’t go in yet!

Finally in

Getting comfortable

X surprised us by sitting through the whole musical. It was a feat for this toddler! The musical ended at almost 11pm. There were moments when he said he was tired and even tried to sleep. My heart also skipped when he demanded for more sweets and we were out of sweets. I had to whisper to him that we were going to buy lollipops for him after the show. 

He still struggled and stayed up to watch. He knew who the bad guys and good guys were, so it was really funny to have a post musical discussion with the toddler.

X also said, “Mummy, I was a little scared but I never cry.”

Awww… such a brave and good little boy! All the long haul Avenger movies were great training for our little tot. 


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