Creeping up on us

X was a noodle monster. For the past year, all he ever asked for was noodles, noodles and noodles. When I tucked him in at night, it struck me that I could never kiss this little toddler enough. In a few months’ time, he would turn 4. A whole grand 4, which meant a graduation of toddlerhood.

He would soon lose his baby looks and become a little warrior that he was going to be.

In terms of athletic milestones, he had been beating Z hands down.

When Z scooted on a 2-wheeler at 4.5yo, X did so at 3.5.

When Z swam across the pool at 4yo, X did so at 3.25.

When Z roller skated at 5.75yo, X did so at 3.75.

When Z started his soccer classes at 4, X started at 3.5.

When Z played Thomas the Train at 2, Cars at 3, Transformers at 5 and Nerf Guns at 6, X pretty much skipped the Thomas phase and went straight to cars, Transformers and Nerf.

In many ways, X was growing up a lot faster than Z. On one hand, we felt really proud of how early he had clocked the milestones. On the other hand, I felt really sad that he was growing faster than he ought to. It felt like he was losing his “baby innocence” way too early.

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