X skates after trial

Sometimes, we as parents forgot that X was only 3plus. At the same age, Z was learning Kids-centric swimming at Aquaducks and multi-sports at Shaws Little League. When he started his 90 min skating class, we forgot that he would still be prone to his toddler tantrums.

He got upset with doing the same routine. He also got upset when the instructors shuffled a bit. 

He sat on the floor to sulk. We weren’t unhappy but we could see that the instructors weren’t aware of his emotional issues. It was actually funny enough for me to laugh. 

However, I knew laughing in his presence would make him very angry.

After a lot of coaxing and the bribery of a sweet, he continued grudgingly. It reminded me that we needed to have more bargaining chips for future lessons as well as his ski lessons end of the year.

My little X was holding up very well, apart from his occasional tantrums.

In the park 

Asking me to look at the bees, which turned out to be dragonflies!

Stomping off a group pic


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