Z’s swimming journal

Or more like journey.

Z first started swimming lessons at 3 years 6 months’ old. As a year end baby, it was the year he turned 4. 

2013 Jun – Began his swimming lessons with Aquaducks, after Mr H had difficulties helping Z to be confident in water. He had been to the pool since 6 weeks’ old but over time, he grew fearful. Aquaducks was awesome because it was so fun and he could dive in water without goggles.

2013 Dec – He was water safe, as in he could swim to the side of the pool on his own using “pizza” arm strokes, “tiger” arm strokes with freestyle kicks.

2014 Mar – We switched him to a proper swim school. He had difficulties adjusted to wearing goggles to swim. Given that he had some foundation, he skipped 1-2 levels. 

2014 Jun – He passed the internal test of doing a rocket launch and glided in the water. He started to learn breaststroke.

2014 Sept – He passed the test and moved on to backstroke.

2014 Dec – He did not clear the backstroke test and had to retake half a term.

2015 Mar – He was halfway into learning freestyle.

2015 Jun – He passed freestyle and moved to learn butterfly stroke.

2015 Sept – He failed butterfly because it was so tough for his age and build at 5 years 9 months old.

We took a break from Oct-Dec 2015 because the haze was so bad and the school only offered 1 makeup class policy for bad weather.

We resumed the swimming classes in Jan 2016. By then, he had practiced sufficient butterfly strokes on his own and cleared by the coach. He got to join the swimsafer lessons.

2016 March – I thought he was taking a test for Swimsafer Bronze. It turned out to be Swimsafer Stage 1. I thought it was a waste of time. We signed him up for a second term grudgingly.

2016 May – we finally found a school which could expedite the whole testing bit. Not that the first school wasn’t good, I wasn’t impressed with the whole holding back part.

2016 Jun – Z completed the term with Swimsafer Stage 2 certificate. There was still a swimsafer stage 3, bronze, silver and gold term to go if we stayed on with this school. 

2016 Jul – We switched over to a new school which was very far from our place, killed our Sunday mornings with 8am lessons but they charged $70 a month for 4 flexi lessons!

2016 Aug – We continued the grueling shufflings.

2016 Sept – Z took the Swimsafer Gold test at the end of the month and finally cleared it! There was no need for more learn-to-swim classes or swimsafer tests! We literally took an express pass. 

After 39 months, 36 months of paid lessons (apps $130*36 😱), we finally got Z to the final certification to being a safe swimmer.

Next up, it was to plot how to minimize X’s swimming lessons to get to the certification. I estimated 18 months and at less than half the cost we spent on Z.

Getting the certification wasn’t the end of swimming for Z, it was the start of a new journey as he wanted to move into improving his proficiency and speed in swimming. All my boy wanted was to take part in his school swimming meet and hoped to do better than the last. 😄


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