Q4 – kids’ review 

It felt like yesterday that Z was preparing for his graduation concert, except it was yesteryear.

2016 had been a crazily paced year and before we knew it, it was already quarter 4!

Had I known my work schedule and primary school schedule better, we could have planned for some short trips. Then again, maybe not. Every weekend was packed with activities – lessons, matches and parties.

It also felt like X had been in the same preschool forever though he started this year. X was my amazing toddler and mastered so many new stunts. It was time to challenge him to cycling on 2 wheels! He was so tiny that he didn’t look a day above 3 but he was so wise that he didn’t sound like a 3yo.

I became a super multi-tasker parent. On top of whatever I was doing, I became a counsellor, a tutor and a friend to Z. He was so deep and had so many opinions that his character was peeking and peaking.

With encouragement, he learned to manage vocal boys better. He learned to protect himself, though he was still figuring out. 

X had a wild tantrum. His bossiness and impatience mirrored mine. Like me 😂, he was prone to reasoning. Except that in the heat of the moment, he could get really dramatic!

Another 3 months till we called it a year, hope those months were as fabulous as the previous 9. 

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