Room makeover 

It did not seemed too long ago when we held a room warming party for X. This marked the exact period that he slept on the cot-converted toddler bed. We really reaped good mileage on this cot bed. 


It had been through nearly 7 years of use. It went from cot to bed and back to cot to bed. 

Back to X’s room, with the single mattress coming in two days’ time, we had to plan the bed frame. It was unlike me to proceed without a proper process but if I did not insist on getting the mattress first, we would still be procrastinating today. 

It was between Flexa, leave the mattress on the floor or build a customized bed frame. We opted for the latter. The furniture maker was pretty cool. He measured and quoted us on the spot and could deliver in a week’s time! 

We were keeping fingers crossed and hoped the project would go well!

Meanwhile, guess we had to head to Ikea and pick up some step stools for X. 


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