X’s new blades 

After a year of skating for Z and I, it was time to get X a pair of rollerblades. This was his choice of poison!

Presenting the Rollerblade Spitfire TS, there was a $50 discount and a further $5 off (code was changed to BNAG1O), it was $174.

We also managed to get a new set of guards at a discount and hence it came up to $19.20. It was cheaper than Decathlon’s $28.90.

At 3.75 years’ old, X’s foot measured 15cm long (yay for ski boots). Hence, we got him the US11-1 sizing. It was meant from 17.5cm and upwards. This could be expanded to 4 sizes – US11, US12, US13 & US1; aka size 28, 29, 30 and 31.

We had previously gotten him Decathlon ones and the size was 28-30. It was definitely more affordable at $39.90 (since marked down to $29.90). It was great for beginners but I thought the wheels were not so smooth and X would require a lot of effort to skate.

He has appeared to enjoy the class so much that I decided to get him a new pair of rollerblades as an advanced 4th year old’s birthday present.

Before long, I would rank as the worst skater in the family. 😂


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