Party, blade & weekend 

It wasn’t a great start to this weekend because I was sniffling and nursing a cold. By the end of the weekend, both kids seemed to catch the bug from me or their flu bugs had a change of mind.

Whilst they had their soccer training, I slept in as much as my body agreed which was till 9am. Pretty soon, despite the drowsiness, I was packing X’s room. We had ordered the mattress for him and there was no way we could accommodate so many baby toys and the big bed in his room.

I managed to pack and give away as many baby toys as possible. It was sad to see the items go but sadder if they were in good condition and gone to waste. Besides, the boys spent so much outdoor time these days that the indoor play was neglected.

We had a party scheduled for the weekend and it was our close friend’s daughter. They ordered such a pretty and creative birthday cake for her! It looked like a good idea for X’s future preschool parties.

First birthday 

The bigger boys stayed on to play. It was a new terrain and it turned out to be very fun for them.

War fare 

Though Sunday was already packed with classes (for Z), X was classless. We brought him for a roller skating trial class. He was shy at first and broke out of it. I was so heartened at the gradual acceptance of new instructors!!

Mermaid seat – start of trial class

End of class

We had dinner nearby and called the weekend a day.

Kids who act cool 

Kids & iPad – always a dream combination for parents


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