Transformer masks

Cute boys in such masks rocked my world!

This series of transformers’ masks were of a good size and rested nicely on the kids’ faces. These were a lot better than the Batman mask from 2 years’ ago. 

Z was hilarious though. Given that we had 2 of the same masks and to prevent foreseeable quarrels, we wanted them to stick their name labels on the masks. 

Z went on to stick his name sticker on the forehead of the mask. When I teased him over the poor position, he moved it to the side but still on the exterior. This dear, little boy could not figure out what the problem was.

One day, he would. I hoped. 


Mid-Oct Weekend

P1 or not, end of year tests or not, the weekend had to go on. On top of the usual classes like soccer, piano, speech & drama, blading and personal swimming practice, the kids had birthday parties.

Twirly, whirly straws 

Play was an unifying factor. Both boys had a blast with some French kids. X had to leave midway for his classmate’s birthday party.

Bouncing Dino at Amped

What I tried to force him to eat 

This kiddo could not do pizza for nuts. We had to adjourn for proper dinner with the family. 

The cousins played and ran amok. 


Swimming toddler 

As X progresses towards 3 years and 9 months’ old, he was able to complete a survival backstroke across the width of our pool and at times up to 15m long.

He also attempts to swim freestyle but he keeps forgetting to keep. Even so, he has very good stamina in the pool for his age. With his near daily dip in the pool, he’s gaining quite a nice brown tan.

I called him my Milo toddler, along with Z whom I called the Milo boy. They were as brown as Milo. 😂

The next step was to wait till Jan 2017 before we could sign him up for proper swim lessons. 

Handling rowdy & demanding kids

It was a journey but Z was finally getting the hang of it.

He was able to protect his own rights and bullying through being firm. There were times when he was a bit tactless but he was learning too. Based on recommendations from the self-help article, we even had to role play with him and guided him on what to say and do. I thought that was really effective.

Z was a protected, kind and generous child. In Chinese, you would say that he 吃亏。He lost out when he was slow to react and other kids had grabbed what they wanted. He lost out when he did not know how to prevent kids who took away his belongings. He lost out when he did not know how to decline other kids’ demands. He lost out because he was kind, because he was not greedy and because he was compassionate.

Losing out was when you were forced to bend to others’ will and you felt the lack of compromise. Hence, I was impressed by how Z had learned to manage such situations by being firm and yet, retaining his kind-heartedness. 

I felt very proud when I saw him achieving this balance, so much so that I let him unbox a new toy. 

X, on the other hand, needed no further instruction. However, he was disadvantaged by his small built. During the times when he was unable to stand up to the older kids, Z stood up for him and helped him. On one particular party when it happened, X felt so grateful to his brother that he thanked Z profusely and even said, “I love you!”

The concept of bullying amongst kids 

As adults, we would have been through our fair share of petty bullying and also matured in the process. Today, our lives were so busy that we had long learned to put bullying, toxic or misaligned friends aside. 

When this article came out, it resonated so much that I read it once and a second time with Z. I helped him to understand why some kids bully, why he should not take personal attacks to heart and how well he did in standing up for the weaker friends. 

After all, a bully without followers was not powerful. 

It seemed a lot to digest but I was impressed that my 7 year old understood this.

The Children’s Day weekend – Part 3

The kids got to play on, amidst lessons and academic work.

The weather was great so we had a poolside lunch and play date. The kids had lots of ice cream, swimming and fun. 

By the end of the 3-day play dates, I was feeling super drained. I was feeling proud of ourselves for planning and holding it up. 

On many counts, I was thankful that we had been able to celebrate Children’s Day with the kids by gifting them our time, especially when this was time away from our work commitments. 

Being cancerians, it was evident that both Mr H and I were very family-oriented and prioritized family above all matters. 

The weekend wrapped up with more swimming and skating for the kids. I was inclined to think that my kids grew up by the pool.

It was also timely that our Star Wars spring float came in too!

X finally had a good instructor for his skating class, so he did very well throughout the class and even completed the full skating tour in the park. 

Lining up for heel stop, scooter turn & swizzle 

The Children’s Day Weekend – Part 2

The boys were beat from the day before and had trouble getting up for their street soccer days. X was very keen to join the big brothers on the court but two hours was really too intense for him and he ended up throwing tantrums in the last half an hour. 

Awesome soccer court which worked really well on a rainy morning 

After lunch at the club, the kids continued with bowling. 

X and I split off from there. It was Children’s Day for X, so it would make sense for him to do toddlerish stuffs with his best friend. 

Meanwhile, Z continued his full day play date by going ahead with ice cream and table tennis. 

I thought it was really awesome to have this parent support group where the kids get to play together, fight and bicker, learn and flourish with the best possible babysitting arrangements. 

Lucky boys they were, and may every Children’s Day be more fun than the last!