New bed for X

When X turned 3 years and 8 months’ old, we took him to shop for a new mattress. A few months ago, my tiny toddler at 94cm tall declared that his cot bed was too small.

We had held off buying a new mattress for very long because he was unable to sleep through the night without wetting his diaper. There were good nights and bad nights. We hoped he could outgrow the bed wetting routine but unfortunately, it was still a hit and miss.

Z had upgraded to a regular single bed when he was two years and ten months’ old. That was because he went full diaper less at 2.5 years’ old. While X had been a fast learner at most things, this was an instance of nature taking its course.

Whatever… We just had to take the leap of faith and upgrade him. The bed was looking too pathetically small for him. 

We had rushed ahead to buy him the mattress as we pondered over what to do for his bed frame. 


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