The Mid-Autumn Fest + Hari Raya weekend 

Sundays were unusually long. We started the day so early that it was not funny. On this day, our usual help was not available so X provided some help in drying the balcony.

It was a rare day for me to make it to the Sunday matches

Outdoor match

Baking under the sun

It was so hot and exposed to all elements. X did not last very long before he demanded for cold drinks.

We ran some errands after Z’s classes and wrapped up the day catching up on ironing clothes (for me) and assessment book work (for Z).

The public holiday got off on a gloomy start with grey skies. I had random inspiration and cooked breakfast, lunch and tea break for the day. 

The boys had their favourite folks over and it was hilarious putting 4 active boys through a board game. 

First indoor game – Monopoly

Catching up on work, spelling and etc

It truly marked the end of September holidays. 

Instead of rounding up the day with an early bed time, the boys got to open new Lego set and build.

Boys and Lego 


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