MAF 2016

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was made special by Z’s mother tongue concert in school. I took leave to spend the day with Z.

Little performers

They put up an incredibly boisterous and energetic song about Beijing opera called 说唱脸谱.

Right after their performance, I dashed down to the canteen to report for my duty.

Duty for the day 

I was a Yuzu juice drink promoter. It was fun filling up these tiny cups for the thirsty kids.

It was one of the rare days Z got to go home and nap for the afternoon. Mr H brought X home earlier for the boys to swim together.

Swimming brothers 

Z also tried to teach X how to swim.

After dinner, we brought the boys to a nearby park to carry lanterns.

Heading for a night play date 

Hanging out with friends 

We were out of candles and thought of buying some candles and sparklers. As luck would have it, it was fully sold out. I suggested check out out Gardens by the Bay. 

Strolling in Gardens By the Bay

Kiddos & lanterns 

Featuring Hou Yi

Random cool stuff in the park

It was so crowded that Mr H did not park and it took us 45min to walk from the meadow to the dome. Unfortunately, this year’s exhibits were fewer and less impressive than last year. X was very tired but he trudged on. Z tried to view as many exhibits as possible because of how hard it was to get to the Garden.

I thought both boys exhibited very positive spirits. That made me a happy mom. 

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