The Mid Autumn Fest weekend 

The school holidays were packed with soccer and catchup work for Z.

As weekend drew closer, the schedules became more lax. We even took the kids to Tai Seng on a week night just so that I could see if North Face apparels were well discounted.

Kids fooling around at Tai Seng Warehouse sale

We had gone down to see the sale loot but was vastly disappointed. I had thought the sale would be very attractive but selection seemed quite poor this year. We did make away with Eagle Creek packing cubes which I hoped would last a lot longer than the lousy ones I had.

On Friday, Z’s good behavior earned him a play date invite to Amazonia

The older boys were too high to call it a day after the indoor playground session. They extended their play date on their own accord. 

Reloading water guns

Indoor play 

It was dinner time before they parted, also because Z had martial arts class.

There was a heavy downpour on Saturday and soccer was cancelled, to X’s dismay. We made it up by having a breakfast date. 

Breakfast date with preschool friend

Both older kids were sweet to X who was quite cheeky. They treated him like a Pokemon which was hard to catch because he kept running around.

Birthday celebration lunch for our friends

There were so many of us that we were given a quiet corner of 2 tables. As the kids grew older, I supposed they could have their own table of 8!

Boys continued to play

It was a rollerblading day for the kids. They were so cute together. Both younger boys were afraid while the two older brothers were taking the floor by storm. We really needed X to gear up and prepare for the end of year holiday.

We had to call it a day to make it for the next party. 

Mooncakes for MAF party!

These babies from Grand Hyatt were really awesome and offered a myriad of flavours. The kids did not get to eat because they were mostly alcoholic. 

What they got was lots of fun while the adults chilled on the sideline. 

Kids and their lighted gear 

Sparkly sizzling end to the evening


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