Z’s 2nd KidZania visit 

Following the laborious visit on Youth Day, I got Mr H to bring Z to KidZania with his diaper bestie on the second weekday of September holidays. I had learning points for Mr H and also worked out critical touch points.

That was how 2 men and 3 boys embarked on a fruitful day at KidZania.

At 10am, they picked up the 12pm session cards for the pilot.

After getting the cards, they went to fight fire.

1. Firefighter

2. Journalist 

3. Conducted Eye check

4. Bought his AIA insurance 

5. Pilot

6. Learned driving 

7. Drove the street car

8. Worked at Water Treatment Facility

9. Candy maker 

10. Bak Kwa man

11. Discovery channel host

12. Scaled a wall

13. Kicked soccer at the stadium

14. Deejayimg_1149

For the hosting gigs, we received a link to download their clips. It was a pretty cool concept. Z actually told us that he enjoyed being deejay the most.

Following this fruitful day, Z probably only needed a 3rd visit to complete his KidZania Singapore experience.


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