The weekend to welcome Sept holidays

The kids had a spinning good time at Universal Studios Singapore. Z started off with Puss in Boots, before moving down the line to Spaghetti Chase, a Transformers, Accelerator and Treasure Hunter.

The daddies went on the Cyclone. Once they were done, Z asked to be taken on the Mummy ride again. On one hand, he was scared of the ride. On the other hand, he wanted to ride again. It was purely his idea. There was no incentive this round. It seemed like he wanted to face up to his fears.

We had lunch and the kids went on the Canopy flyer ride before adjourning to catch the Waterworld show. X impressed me by not crying over the special effects. The loud gunshots and explosions used to make him cry.

After USS, we brought the kids to sing karaoke. Z was finally getting used to singing into the microphone. It was just X and his reading to work on in future.


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