Sept Hols Weekend cont’d

I’m at After the usual soccer practice, it was Mr H’s grandma’s 91st birthday. The 4th generation had a good time with toy trains and pool.

Featuring a nicer shot of them with the pretty unicorn 

By late afternoon, we hustled them home so that we could get them ready for babysitting by the grandparents.

Goodbye kids!

It was concert night for the parents!

Despite a late night, all of us got up at 730am on Sunday. 

The boys were excited because we had a BBQ gathering in the evening.

Food for BBQ, missing Satays

The boy who helped with the skewering 

The chefs

Cooking in progress 

Happy kids who screamed the pool down and splashed water all over 
This marked the start of Z’s September school holidays.

It was a such a short break that I decided not to sign him up for lessons like what I did in Jun. He had a swimming test to work on, he had soccer match days, he had songs to practice. He also had to catch up on his assessment work.

So there, what a short break ahead for us. 


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