The mean mom 

So I read this and it totally struck a chord.

Recently, I had differing opinions with Mr H. He was always for “Everyone is a winner” philosophy. To that, I rebuked that it was a politically correct statement but not a right statement.

In fact, that very morning, I told Z to throw what Mr H said out of the window. I told Z very politically incorrect things but I assured him those were realistic and what was expected in life. 

Z always knew that success came with hard work and a bit of luck. I knew he did not always do well enough to succeed at his sports because he was distracted or simply day dreaming. I saw no need in cushioning his feelings and told him he needed to have a drive to succeed. Else, he was going to have other people overtaking him. That very day, he fought hard, missed a goal and learned to deal with disappointment of a failure. It was a simple lesson, one that Mr H thought he should be shielded from.

Nothing risked, nothing gained. If there was no sense of urgency and importance, who would fight hard? 

I firmly believed that our kids needed to know when they were losers, so that they could buck up and not lived within the tiny, manicured bubble. 


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