The case of a missing water gun 

One evening, after a hearty dinner with the neighbours, we realized that X’s Super Soaker water gun was missing. It would be disastrous to manage the wrath of a toddler. I played the defensive stance and told X off for not looking after his belongings.

At the back of my mind, I was bewildered because I did see it placed next to a few water guns.

Poor X was upset but did not kick up a ruckus. 

However, as I traced the photos, I realized the last person to use was Z. Only then we realized that it was not X who did not keep his water gun properly, but rather Z who did not ensure the safekeeping of the toy. 

We eventually retrieved the water gun but not without telling Z off.

The problem of this equation was that Z liked to use X’s water gun which was newer and more powerful despite having one of own. I supposed he felt his was older and less powerful which was the case.

How did we solve this? 

I ended up buying a new water gun for Z and hoped to teach him other life’s lessons. 

He should not covet what others had because he could strive to earn something newer and better on his own. 


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