Bargaining with Z 

This was awkward. Not because Z was difficult, but because I penned down the title at that instant. After which, I forgot what had happened. It was probably more funny than unpleasant for me to store as blog title. Work, Pokemon Go and schedules had been too crazy for me to recall what could have transpired. 

In gist, Z had been a very nice kid. Apart from days when he became lethargic and lazy, he was an awesome kid.

Given that this likely happened during the period when Pokemon Go peaked in our household, I could only imagine this had to do with the day when we went USS and I tried to persuade him to take “The Mummy” ride. The minimum height requirement was 122cm and he just but that. 

Initially, he refused. As it was nearing 8pm, I told him if he took the ride, he could play Pokemon Go. I showed him that I brought the iPad out (his account was signed in via iPad). 

His eyes nearly popped out.

He was torn between fear of the ride and lure of the game. He cried at the thought of taking the ride but struggled at the thought of leaving the ride. It was a wish my washy moment. Eventually, he took the ride. 

It was not as bad as he thought, just as what I said! 

I was really proud of him to finally take the ride at 6 years and 7 months’ old.

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