X at 3 years & 7 months’ old

My not-so-little toddler always had a cheeky grin about him. At 93cm tall, he barely grew an inch. These days, we were paying less attention to his preferences and loading him up on healthy food that we felt he should have.

The problem with second borns were that they benchmarked themselves against the elder siblings and expected the same treatment in the form of snacks and lax sleeping hours.

We used to go home for Z to have his weekend naps. With X, there were many days that he went without naps. Not that any of us minded, we enjoyed the exciting weekend schedules.

As a result of genetics, diet and lifestyle, X was tiny. He was so tiny for his age but he also looked super cute.

He was also independent and could wear socks, shoes and clothes by himself.

Like I mentioned some time ago, he could take care of his own toiletry needs. 

He was also able to get into his car seat by himself but require Z to buckle up for him.
How time flew, I sure missed how cute he was as a baby.

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