More than halfway through 2016

It was like presto and hey, I found ourselves more than halfway into 2016. Was it only yesterday that we counted down to a new year in Japan?

As each year became a smaller percentage my total life span, each year seemed to be shorter than the previous year. The amount of things we got up to on weekends were insane. 

We actually needed to check our family calendar note to check our schedule. It was also the first year in at least the last ten years that I failed to go for facial and manicures monthly. Even when I was doing my confinement and recovering from my caesarean wound, I crawled into the car and drove myself to do facial and manicure. To have missed it over several months was an understatement of busyness in my books.

Mid year review:

1. Work – there were structural changes and continual improvements to be made to. Since it had always been a confidential topic, I probably would skip talking about this; except just to make a note that I had been clocking as much as 11 hours of work on some days!

2. Kids – this was crazy. Having a primary school going child changed the ball game. It felt like I moved from playing volleyball to an intense game of basketball. I would like to think that I fared pretty well since I could get Z to confide in me. For that, I would give myself A- in this area. I appended a minus sign because I could also be too harsh at times. That was an unfortunate trait of a task-oriented person. I tried to change but the compulsive perfectionist streak in me tended to drive in another direction.

3. Friends – you lose some but you win a whole lot more. Over the years and especially in the past year, I was really grateful for some of the most awesome friends in my life. They formed a beautiful ecosystem in this part of life and parenting. So blessed we were to have experienced kindness and generosity. 

4. Personal – I might have gained little in personal development but a lot more on the weighing scales and cultivating a semi-diploma on Pokemon Go. I could feel age catching up. I might not be very old but I was feeling the fatigue. There were so many lazy days that I simply invented new, lazy dishes to get by. It was hilarious to have Z asking me, “Have we eaten this before?” Well, did someone say something new, something old?

The end of year promised more fun and magic. Here’s to another 4 months before 2017 hit us!

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