New bed for X

When X turned 3 years and 8 months’ old, we took him to shop for a new mattress. A few months ago, my tiny toddler at 94cm tall declared that his cot bed was too small.

We had held off buying a new mattress for very long because he was unable to sleep through the night without wetting his diaper. There were good nights and bad nights. We hoped he could outgrow the bed wetting routine but unfortunately, it was still a hit and miss.

Z had upgraded to a regular single bed when he was two years and ten months’ old. That was because he went full diaper less at 2.5 years’ old. While X had been a fast learner at most things, this was an instance of nature taking its course.

Whatever… We just had to take the leap of faith and upgrade him. The bed was looking too pathetically small for him. 

We had rushed ahead to buy him the mattress as we pondered over what to do for his bed frame. 


MAF 2016

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was made special by Z’s mother tongue concert in school. I took leave to spend the day with Z.

Little performers

They put up an incredibly boisterous and energetic song about Beijing opera called 说唱脸谱.

Right after their performance, I dashed down to the canteen to report for my duty.

Duty for the day 

I was a Yuzu juice drink promoter. It was fun filling up these tiny cups for the thirsty kids.

It was one of the rare days Z got to go home and nap for the afternoon. Mr H brought X home earlier for the boys to swim together.

Swimming brothers 

Z also tried to teach X how to swim.

After dinner, we brought the boys to a nearby park to carry lanterns.

Heading for a night play date 

Hanging out with friends 

We were out of candles and thought of buying some candles and sparklers. As luck would have it, it was fully sold out. I suggested check out out Gardens by the Bay. 

Strolling in Gardens By the Bay

Kiddos & lanterns 

Featuring Hou Yi

Random cool stuff in the park

It was so crowded that Mr H did not park and it took us 45min to walk from the meadow to the dome. Unfortunately, this year’s exhibits were fewer and less impressive than last year. X was very tired but he trudged on. Z tried to view as many exhibits as possible because of how hard it was to get to the Garden.

I thought both boys exhibited very positive spirits. That made me a happy mom. 

The Mid-Autumn Fest + Hari Raya weekend 

Sundays were unusually long. We started the day so early that it was not funny. On this day, our usual help was not available so X provided some help in drying the balcony.

It was a rare day for me to make it to the Sunday matches

Outdoor match

Baking under the sun

It was so hot and exposed to all elements. X did not last very long before he demanded for cold drinks.

We ran some errands after Z’s classes and wrapped up the day catching up on ironing clothes (for me) and assessment book work (for Z).

The public holiday got off on a gloomy start with grey skies. I had random inspiration and cooked breakfast, lunch and tea break for the day. 

The boys had their favourite folks over and it was hilarious putting 4 active boys through a board game. 

First indoor game – Monopoly

Catching up on work, spelling and etc

It truly marked the end of September holidays. 

Instead of rounding up the day with an early bed time, the boys got to open new Lego set and build.

Boys and Lego 

X builds

At 3 years 8 months & 3 weeks’ old, X built a proper Lego model on his own by referring to the instructions. 

It was an easy-to-build set meant for 4 to 7 years’ old. He was so bent on completing it that he covered all 3 packets from the car to the lab and prison in one night. 

We helped him when he had difficulties assembling some of the trickier pieces together and also rectified his minor mistakes.

All in all, we were impressed with his output. 

The Mid Autumn Fest weekend 

The school holidays were packed with soccer and catchup work for Z.

As weekend drew closer, the schedules became more lax. We even took the kids to Tai Seng on a week night just so that I could see if North Face apparels were well discounted.

Kids fooling around at Tai Seng Warehouse sale

We had gone down to see the sale loot but was vastly disappointed. I had thought the sale would be very attractive but selection seemed quite poor this year. We did make away with Eagle Creek packing cubes which I hoped would last a lot longer than the lousy ones I had.

On Friday, Z’s good behavior earned him a play date invite to Amazonia

The older boys were too high to call it a day after the indoor playground session. They extended their play date on their own accord. 

Reloading water guns

Indoor play 

It was dinner time before they parted, also because Z had martial arts class.

There was a heavy downpour on Saturday and soccer was cancelled, to X’s dismay. We made it up by having a breakfast date. 

Breakfast date with preschool friend

Both older kids were sweet to X who was quite cheeky. They treated him like a Pokemon which was hard to catch because he kept running around.

Birthday celebration lunch for our friends

There were so many of us that we were given a quiet corner of 2 tables. As the kids grew older, I supposed they could have their own table of 8!

Boys continued to play

It was a rollerblading day for the kids. They were so cute together. Both younger boys were afraid while the two older brothers were taking the floor by storm. We really needed X to gear up and prepare for the end of year holiday.

We had to call it a day to make it for the next party. 

Mooncakes for MAF party!

These babies from Grand Hyatt were really awesome and offered a myriad of flavours. The kids did not get to eat because they were mostly alcoholic. 

What they got was lots of fun while the adults chilled on the sideline. 

Kids and their lighted gear 

Sparkly sizzling end to the evening

Obliging nature 

I always knew Z had a heart of gold and was an easy-going person. He was easily the most popular boy in pre-school because of what a nice boy he was. Before he started primary school, we had always prepped him on the possibility of bullying in school.

He was not bullied in school, thankfully.

However, he seemed to be caught up in an eager-to-please and over-obliging mode. I noticed that most boys were less sensitive, considerate and mature than him. I never thought it was an issue until I realized he took taunting, names calling and threats of un-friending seriously.

When I asked why he gave up certain items that he liked, he would tell me doefully that so-and-so threatened not to be his friend. Mr H and I explained he was better off without such friends.

When he came to me sadly after giving out all his snacks and cried whinnily, I berated him and taught him to look out for his own interest before sharing. He had not anticipated that non-friends would come demanding from him. We had to teach him that the basic human nature was greedy and ugly. He had to be firm and discerning.

When his friends boasted and inflated their stories, he believed how great his friends’ capabilities were until we explained that there was a difference between tall tales and reality. He learned that his friends were just spinning tales. We believed he developed an inferiority complex just by listening to his friends’ far fetched stories.

When he obliged his friends’ demands, he was unhappy and gave in to them unwillingly because he was afraid that they would complain to their parents. He ended up giving up the very best of what he had to other people. We taught him to stand up for himself, that we would support him and be able to judge if his friends were reasonable and logical.

We had a trusting boy, a kind-hearted boy and a boy who gave in to everyone, at the expense of his happiness. He made sacrifices because he thought it would make everyone happy. He had no idea how sad it made his mom feel when she saw him wince in submission.

Because he was such a trusting boy, he believed every cruel (unintentional & immature) word sprouted from the snapshot unkind mouths.

Because he was such a kind-hearted boy, he treated everyone with genuinity and kindness, and felt hurt with the lack of recipocration. 

Because he was such a giving boy, he sacrificed his self-interest and allowed others to abuse his favourite toys; or to the extent of horsing around and hurting him physically. 

He learned 人之初心本善。

Unfortunately, the reality of life was ugly. We had to keep him grounded, reminding him that nice kids like him were far and few. Most kids could get away being meanies, bullies or pushing others around because most parents prefer to feel thankful that their kids were bullies instead of being bullied. That was a sad and selfish fact that he had to learn at this age. 

Defence, firmness and confidence were some of the traits Z should develop. Coincidentally, I came across this article which highlighted how polite children can behave in a way which did not make them pushovers. The writer advised how children can learn to say no to other assertive children.

Well, what can I say? 

Definitely sounded like a level 3 parenting module at the moment.

New swimming floats 

After how rowdy kids in the block spoilt the pizza float, I was reluctant to buy another float. Inflating was a pain, bringing it down to the pool was a pain and deflating was a pain. The biggest pain of all? To have it spoilt after a few months of usage.

When I spied this, I really like how it was so stable and barely flipped when kids climbed in and out. 

There was a local blog shop selling this item at a premium but in limited models. I was wowed when I saw this graphic print. I tried to airfrov but no one picked up the offer. 

Hence, thanks to a friend who was stationed in the States, I got to order and ship to her. It was just countdown to wait for its arrival to Singapore.